About Us

Jurassic Fuels, Inc. came to be when two people who worked in the heating oil industry crossed paths and talked of all the indecencies within the industry regarding pricing of fuel and service. At that moment, the two decided to form their own company, Jurassic Fuels, Inc.

The first major difference between Jurassic Fuels and its competitors is our desire to educate heating oil consumers about the industry itself. We do our best to explain what is fact and what is fiction when it concerns anything within the industry. Whether you’re a current customer of ours or not, please do not hesitate to contact us about any question you may have. We pledge to give you an honest answer while never soliciting business. The best part is that should we not know a particular answer, we will simply tell you that and never blow smoke to benefit us. We will get the answer you need and contact you or steer you in the right direction so that you may obtain the answer yourself.

The second major difference is our pricing of fuel. We strive to give you the lowest price available each and every day. It’s understood that almost every company states this but our declaration is more than lip service. It is true the cost changes every day at the various terminals and so each company adjusts their price accordingly. It’s even true that from time to time, Jurassic will not be the lowest priced on a particular day. We will however be one of the lowest priced companies even on the few days that we are not the lowest priced company of them all.

At Jurassic Fuels, automatic delivery customers receive a three cent discount and there are no contractual obligations. You can stop automatic delivery at any time with no cost to you. Seniors (65+) receive a two cent discount and it can be combined with the automatic discount for a five cent total discount per gallon.

The third major difference is our stance on service. The efficiency of a customer’s equipment directly impacts the amount of fuel they consume. Therefore, we feel it is a conflict of interest to use the same company for both service and fuel. We will refer our customers to an excellent “service only” company with absolutely no financial ties to us should they ask.

Knowing that most customers need service, Jurassic Fuels researched nearly 100 “service only” companies in the Hudson Valley. We originally chose two who stood out to refer to our customers who seek service. One servicing our northern territory and the other our southern territory. Our stance on this has changed however. After many, many conversations with our customers, we decided that we would refer service companies who our own customers were referring to us. So if you have a person or company who is recommend worthy, please let us know so that we may add them to our list. The companies we recommend specialize in expert service and the only thing mattering to them is for your equipment to operate at total efficiency. Their reputations rely on it. Repeat business relies on it. Word of mouth advertising (the best kind) relies on it. Therefore, their best interest is also your best interest which eliminates any conflict of interest.

Jurassic Fuels is simply a fuel oil provider who truly is in business to provide each and every customer with facts about the heating oil industry and the very best pricing of fuel oil. We can also refer you to an excellent service company in your area. Our goal is to become the most customer friendly heating oil company in existence. We strive to be the lowest priced company with the most helpful, friendly, and professional personnel. As we grow (2020 will be our 7th year), we intend to lower gallon minimums continuously, add overnight emergency delivery trucks with no extra cost, add to our delivery areas, and add more discounts while increasing the amount of our existing discounts. We realize and we’re sure that you do too, that none of this is possible without your help. Our ability to reach our goals directly depends on the amount of gallons we deliver. The amount of gallons we deliver is a direct reflection on the amount of loyal customers we obtain. Everyone appreciates loyalty and you should know that Jurassic Fuels is owned and operated by loyal people who understand that loyalty is a two way street. Call us today, help us grow, spread the word, you will not regret it!

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