Oil vs Gas

Saving Money

  • Oil heat is provided by many companies in a very competitve industry. Gas is provided by one utility leaving you with no choice and no competition.
  • The CECA (Consumer Energy Council of America) stated that it would be unwise financially to convert from oil to gas heat
  • Gas heating conversion could run as high as $9000.00


  • You burn through 40% more natural gas compared to oil to get the same heating
  • With heating oil you control the supply stored on your own property
  • Oil creates 140,000 BTUs of heat, an equivalent gallon of natural gas produces 100,000 BTUs
  • Oil equipment is 16% more efficient than utility gas
  • Energy-efficient oil heat system upgrades pay for themselves over a short period of time and add value to a home
  • The hot water recovery rate of an oil-fired water heater is twice as fast as a gas water heater and three times as fast as an electric water heater


  • Heating oil is not explosive and only ignites by an advanced burning system within an oil burner or furnace
  • Inhalation of fumes is not fatal and there is a low possibilty of carbon monoxide entering your home from oil (unlike gas, which is known as “the silent killer” and is the leading cause of death from carbon monoxide poisoning in the US)
  • When properly maintained, new oil heat systems create no soot, dirt or odors in your home


The United States is the world’s third largest oil producing country. There is no dependence on one nation or region for oil supplies.